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Lush Bath Art Gift Set

Hi! This is the lush 'bath art' gift set, which contains two bath bombs. I recieved this for my birthday and wanted to open it up on here, because the packaging is so cool and the bath bombs seem really lovely too. It contains the 'Dragon's egg' bath bomb, in which I have heard many people use and love as their holy grail lush product, as well as the 'Intergalactic' bath bomb which I have used previously and remember enjoying. If you know me, you'd know I love lush-more than is necessary-and so receiving this excited me so much.

Spectrum brushes!

Hi! It was my birthday recently and i recieved what is quite possibly the most beautiful brush set you will ever see in your life and i have been really excited to take pictures and share them with you. Spectrum is notorious for their beautiful (and slightly pricey) brush sets and, personally, I am so excite to own a set.

What's inside my GlossyBox? April

Hi! It's April, i just got my GlossyBox, so i thought i'd show you what came inside because i loved everything this month.